We’ve all heard about ways we can be more environmentally friendly – taking shorter showers, recycling or putting a wash on at 30 Celsius.

But how about eco-friendly eating? Well, there are simple ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our diet, hooray! For example, picking pork over beef because its production creates a quarter of the greenhouse gases.

I can’t emphasise enough what a crucial juncture we are at with climate change. And what we eat is a huge part of that. While the UK government has signed the Paris deal to limit the global temperature rise to 2C, its policies do not do anywhere near enough to reach that goal.

On this website you’ll find incredibly easy, everyday recipes that are often seasonal and use British produce. I don’t like cutting out food groups – although climate friendly eating sometimes looks a bit veganish.

But we only have to make small changes to make a big difference. There’s nothing inherently wrong with pizza or steak.

However, sometimes eating sustainably or in an eco-friendly way is a conundrum because there are so many factors. Tomatoes from Spain have been found to be more carbon friendly than grown in the UK, for example. That’s because we heat polytunnels to grow ours. So I will do my best to consider all factors when recommending certain ingredients over others in my recipes – but I cannot account for all variations of the food I endorse.

My Green Feasts also publishes reviews of restaurants that aim to be environmentally friendly, for example through vegan food or cutting food waste.

Happy feasting!

Emily Clark
[ Journalist, home cook, crazy about the environment ]