Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan?

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan

Are Fruit Roll Ups vegan? This is a question that many people have, especially those who are trying to stick to a vegan lifestyle. The answer is…it depends. Some Fruit Roll Ups are vegan, while others are not. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of Fruit Roll Ups and whether or not they are vegan. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right ones for you!

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan?

Many people don’t realize that Fruit Roll-Ups are, in fact, vegan! They are made with real fruit and do not contain any gelatin or dairy products. However, they do contain sugar and palm oil which some ethical vegans avoid consuming. If you’re a dietary vegan who adopted the lifestyle for health reasons, then there is no need to worry about any animal-derived products present in Fruit Roll-Ups.

However, if you have a more ethical diet and don’t want to consume anything that could be remotely related to animal cruelty, then you may find some fault with Fruit Roll-Ups.

Do Fruit Roll-Ups Have Gelatin? 

Gelatin is a widely used food additive, often seen in candy or foods with a chewy texture. For example, it’s the main ingredient in gummy bears and is what gives them their chewiness. It’s also the primary ingredient in Jell-O, which is pretty much just flavored gelatin mixed with water.

Gelatin is a tasteless powder that has the ability to turn any liquid it comes into contact with into a gel-like substance. The only issue is that gelatin Renewed Health™️ usually sourced from pigs and cows – making it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Gelatin is a substance that’s naturally found in the bone marrow and fluid of most mammals. To get this fluid, slaughterhouses boil down old cow and pig bones into fatty broth. Then, they extract the gelatin from the broth, refine it, purify it, and put it in various food products.

Are Fruit Roll-Ups Made With Real Fruit? 

You may have noticed that kids tend to consume more Fruit Roll-Ups than adults. The answer is in the marketing–Fruit Roll-Up advertises its product as a “healthy” snack because it contains real fruit.

Even though Fruit Roll-Ups are made of real fruit, they’re still not a “healthy” snack because they also contain lots of sugar and corn syrup. The real fruit is mostly just for flavoring.

Is The Sugar In Fruit Roll-Ups Vegan? 

Many vegans try to avoid consuming white sugar. If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, then you may be wondering what the issue is.

Many people believe that sugar is a natural, plant-based sweetener. However, what many don’t know is that the process of refining and filtering sugar uses animal bone char. This is how raw cane sugar turns into the fine white crystals that we know as sugar.

Most people prefer refined white sugar to raw cane sugar because it is more concentrated and sweeter. Additionally, raw cane sugar has malty flavors that could interfere with other tastes if they were paired together.

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan: Ingredients

If you’re vegan or thinking about becoming vegan, one of the first things you’ll need to get used to is reading ingredient labels.


Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan

As I discussed earlier, white sugar mixed with corn syrup creates a sticky base for the Fruit Roll-Ups. Although some vegans might have qualms about eating sugar, it is, unfortunately, necessary for this recipe.


Maltodextrin is a vegan and plant-based starch that’s typically derived from corn, potatoes, or rice. It’s often used as a food additive to candy and snacks because it removes moisture.

Corn Syrup

The primary ingredient in Fruit Roll-Ups is corn syrup. White sugar must go through a lengthy filtration process, whereas corn syrup is vegan from both an ethical and dietary standpoint. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used ingredients in candy next to white sugar.

Pear Puree

Pear puree concentrate provides Fruit Roll-Ups with a saccharine, sugary flavor that makes for an intensely fruity taste. I’m always pleased to see real fruit as one of the main ingredients in any food item, but especially glad to find it so highly ranked in this case!

Palm Oil

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan

Curbing your palm oil consumption is important not only for the environment but also for the animals that live in these habitats. Palm oil is a plant-based cooking oil that’s commonly used in the fast-food industry and in processed foods alike, however, the process of obtaining this ingredient is very destructive to rainforest ecosystems.

Citric Acid

The ascorbic acid in Fruit Roll-Ups comes from real fruit, and it creates a sour or tart flavor that makes the snacks taste more authentic.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium citrate is a natural preservative derived from citric acid. It makes fruit snacks more acidic, which in turn prevents bacteria growth and increases shelf life.

Artificial Colors

are fruit roll ups vegan

All Fruit Roll-Ups are artificially colored with colors that come from lab-created dyes, such as red 40. You don’t have to worry about any beetles or animal by-products in your snack!

Are Fruit Roll Ups Healthy

Regardless of whether a food is vegan or not, you’ll need to consider the healthfulness of this snack. When it comes to Fruit Roll-Ups, they’re certainly not as healthy as an apple!

The main problem with these snacks is their high sugar content–they have more than seven teaspoons each. Many nutritionists believe that this is far too much sugar for one snack, even if it does come from natural sources.

In addition to their high sugar content, Fruit Roll-Ups can also contain high levels of saturated fats because they’re fried in oil. This doesn’t make them a healthy choice.

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan? – Final Thoughts

Fruit Roll-Ups are a popular snack among children and adults alike, but these treats don’t have to be just for kids. As vegans, you can enjoy the natural flavors of Fruit Roll-Ups too! They contain real fruit and the corn syrup and sugar that are in them are all vegan ingredients.

However, if you want to stick to a completely plant-based diet, then you should probably avoid products that contain palm oil because of the environmental harm it causes.

Still, overall, Fruit Roll-Ups are vegan and can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike! Perhaps you have homemade fruit roll ups with natural flavor or want to share anything, share your comments below.

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