Are Almond Joys Vegan?

Are Almond Joys vegan? The answer to that question is a little bit complicated. While the dark chocolate and coconut in an Almond Joy are vegan, the almond is not. Some people argue that this …

Are Almond Joys Vegan

Are Almond Joys vegan? The answer to that question is a little bit complicated. While the dark chocolate and coconut in an Almond Joy are vegan, the almond is not. Some people argue that this makes them not technically vegan, while others say that as long as there are no animal-based ingredients in the product, it can be considered vegan. What do you think?

Are Almond Joys Vegan

Are Almond Joys Vegan?

The Almond Joy milk chocolate bar isn’t vegan as it has various dairy derivatives. Another thing to take note of is that these bars contain palm oil, which could be harmful to the environment and wildlife conservation efforts.

Are Almond Joys Vegan: What Is Almond Joy?

Almond Joy bars are a popular candy bar that is made of milk chocolate and coconut mixture, with an almond on top. They were first introduced in the 1950s, and have been a favorite snack among many people ever since.

Almond Joy Non-Vegan Ingredients


Most people are aware that cow’s milk is not vegan. It comes from another animal and, as such, isn’t compatible with a vegan lifestyle. However, it’s important to remember that dairy products aren’t only milk; lactose (the sugar in milk), whey, skim milk, and other Milk-derived ingredients can be found in foods like Almond Joys.

Almond  Questionable Ingredients


Even though sugar doesn’t come from animals, it can still be non-vegan. The most popular type of sugar used in the industry is refined cane sugar, however this poses a problem because bone char (which comes from dead cows) is commonly used to bleach it.

So the production process of sugar can make the sugar not vegan-friendly. If the cane sugar is raw then it is vegan, because that’s before the bleaching process.


A primary concern with corn crops in the United States is that many of them are GMO. While there is no scientific evidence to suggest that GMOs are harmful to human health, the heavy use of herbicides on these crops can lead to water contamination and ecosystem damage.

Palm Oil

Are Almond Joys Vegan

Palm oil is a commonly mentioned ingredient, and with justification. Since there are no animal-based products in palm oil or coconut oil, many people support its use; however, the industry surrounding it causes deforestation which destroys animals’ habitats – particularly orangutans. since Palm oil production occupies more land area per square meter than any other vegetable-based oil, it is very lucrative.

The act of making palm oil more sustainable also produces a vegan-friendly product. This is because RSPO, a non-for-profit organization, helps companies produce said sustainable palm oil. As an example, Hershey’s creates their almond joys using this type of palm oil and are therefore vegan.


Almonds have been a contentious issue among vegans for some time now. The primary reason being the increased water usage and the fact that most almond products come from California. This might not seem like a big deal, but almonds require pollination and bees are transported across the country to take care of this process. Unfortunately, many bees die as a result of this – which goes against vegan principles.

Are Almond Joys Vegan? – Final Thoughts

Overall, there are conflicting opinions on whether Almond Joys can be considered vegan. While the melted chocolate coating and coconut filling are plant-based ingredients, many people argue that the dairy in an almond joy makes them not vegan. Others, however, believe that as long as no animal byproducts or ingredients are used in production, it’s possible to maintain a vegan diet.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide whether they can support the Almond Joy brand while maintaining their vegan healthy lifestyle. So, are Almond Joys vegan? Perhaps the answer lies in your own personal convictions.

Do you think that Almond Joy bars are suitable for vegans or do they contain vegan almond? Or do you believe that there are Vegan Almond Joy Bars? Or perhaps you have your own homemade almond joy bars. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.