Are Pop Rocks Vegan? (Find Out)

Are Pop Rocks vegan? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is not always clear. Let’s take a closer look at what Pop Rocks are made of and whether they …

Are Pop Rocks Vegan

Are Pop Rocks vegan? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is not always clear. Let’s take a closer look at what Pop Rocks are made of and whether they are considered to be vegan-friendly or not.

Are Pop Rocks Vegan

Are Pop Rocks Vegan?

Pop Rocks are not vegan because they have lactose, a milk-based ingredient. In addition to that, there are also ingredients like refined sugar and artificial flavors which may be questionable for stricter vegans.

Ever since Pop Rocks hit store shelves in the mid-1970s, people of all ages have enjoyed its unique popping sensation. The carbon dioxide bubbles present in each handful of candy are what cause this fun and unusual experience.

Pop Rocks are tiny granules that come in various flavors. They have established two factories globally – one primary factory in the U.S., and another in Spain.

Pop Rocks are created using a pressurized CO2 tank and rapid spinning with sugary mixtures heated to 295 degrees Fahrenheit. The cockpit is then depressurized, the candy mixture disintegrates, and granules for packing are formed.

Pop Rocks Questionable Ingredients


The key ingredient to any candy is sugar, but more often than not, commercial candies use refined sugar. This helps when it comes to adding color to the candy with a clear syrup.


Lactose is a type of sugar that comes from dairy, such as milk. It’s made through a chemical process using milk, and the result are white lactose crystals. So, vegans cannot have it.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is produced with many products, which also include different types of sugar crystals. These might involve beet sugar, cane sugar, or a mixture; however, the percentages of these formulations are not specified.

The powders are white, meaning they use processed cane sugar rather than lactic acid. This makes the product non-vegan.

Artificial Flavors

All Pop Rocks flavors are artificial since the candy doesn’t naturally contain any fruit. Artificial flavors can come from either plants or animals, so it’s unclear what Pop Rocks use as their source. However, because of this, we can say for certain that Pop Rocks is not vegan friendly.

Artificial Colors

Pop Rocks conducts tests on animals using colors such as Red #40, Blue #1, and Yellow #5.

Many people don’t realize that the colors in their clothes or other products can actually be harmful to animals. Yellow #5, for example, is incredibly irritating to both animals and humans, causing itchy and inflamed skin. As a result, these colors should not be considered vegan.

Are Pop Rocks Healthy? 

Are Pop Rocks Vegan

No, the key ingredient in this candy is sugar. Though it is gas-infused sugar and carbon dioxide are harmless, too much sugar causes health problems.

Refined sugar that is bone-char treated is, from an ethical standpoint, not at all healthy. Bone char comes from animal bones and makes refined sugar look artificially whiter.

Pop Rocks Vegan-Friendly Alternatives

While vegans cannot enjoy Pop Rocks, many companies are now choosing vegan-friendly options like activated charcoal and ion-exchange resins to replace bone char.

Atomic Fireballs

This classic hard candy was created by Nello Ferrara in 1954 using the hot-panned candy process. It is estimated that 15 million of these candies are consumed every week by people all over the world.

Ring Pop

Ring Pop is a candy gem that’s molded in the shape of a ring. This soy-free candy is made in the USA and appeals to kids because it’s shaped like a ring.

These candies come in 6 delicious and fruity flavors, including Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Blue Raspberry Watermelon, Sour Cherry, Watermelon, and Berry Blast. These candies are perfect for parties or get-togethers and also make for great Easter treats.

Are Pop Rocks Vegan? Final Thoughts

Are Pop Rocks vegan? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While Pop Rocks are undeniably fun and exciting, they contain some ingredients that may be harmful for vegans. These ingredients include lactose, lactic acid, artificial flavors and colors, and refined sugar that has been bone-char treated.

Fortunately, there are many vegan-friendly alternatives to Pop Rocks, including Atomic Fireballs, Ring Pops, and other hard and soft candies. So if you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s also vegan-friendly, be sure to give these options a try!