Are Junior Mints Vegan?

are junior mints vegan

A lot of people are asking this question lately: Are Junior Mints vegan? The answer is a little complicated. Junior Mints are not technically vegan because they contain dairy, but there are some vegan-friendly alternatives that you can try. In this blog post, we will explore the question of whether or not Junior Mints are vegan in detail and provide some tips for those looking for a delicious and vegan-friendly treat!

What are Junior Mints?

Junior Mints are a popular American candy that consists of rich chocolate with a creamy, minty center. The original version is made by Tootsie Roll Industries and the company has produced the treat since 1949. Unfortunately, Junior Mints are not vegan-friendly because they contain milk and other dairy products such as whey and nonfat dry milk.

Are Junior Mints vegan?

No, Junior Mints are not vegan. The original version contains dairy products like milk, whey, and nonfat dry milk that are considered animal-derived ingredients and are therefore off-limits for vegans. However, there are some vegan alternatives to the original version of Junior Mints that are made with plant-based ingredients.

What are Junior Mints made of?

are junior mints vegan

Junior Mints are a popular confectionary snack made of delicious ingredients. The main components are sugar, semi-sweet chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate Processed with Alkali, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin-An Emulsifier, Vanillin-An Artificial Flavor), corn syrup, confectioner’s glaze, food starch-modified, peppermint oil, and invertase. To start off the production process of these tasty treats, the semi-sweet chocolate is created by mixing together sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier) and artificial flavoring such as vanilla.

The chocolate is then melted and mixed with corn syrup to create a creamy center which provides the minty flavor when combined with peppermint oil. After that, it’s coated with a layer of glaze made from food starch-modified to give it its characteristic glossy finish. As an extra step so that every bite is always fresh and smooth, invertase (an enzyme) is added to help prevent the crystallization of the candy’s sugar content. All these ingredients come together to create a unique blend of rich flavors and textures – making Junior Mints an indulgent sweet treat for any occasion!

Are Junior Mints Deluxe vegan?

No, Junior Mints Deluxe is not vegan. They are made with similar ingredients as the original version of Junior Mints but also contain gelatin, which is derived from animals and therefore off-limits for vegans.

Are Junior Caramels vegan?

No, Junior Caramels are not vegan. They are made with similar ingredients as the original version of junior mints but also contain gelatin and carmine (a red food coloring derived from insects).

How to make your own vegan Junior Mints?

are junior mints vegan

If you are looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to the original version of Junior Mints, you can make your own at home. The ingredients are simple and include dark chocolate chips, coconut oil, peppermint extract, powdered sugar or icing sugar, and cornstarch. Start by melting down the chocolate chips in a double boiler with some coconut oil and stirring until completely melted. Once the mixture is melted, add in the peppermint extract and stir to combine. Then mix in the powdered sugar or icing sugar and cornstarch until you get a thick but spreadable consistency. Lastly, pour the mixture into molds (or an 8×8-inch baking dish) and place it in the freezer for 2 hours before serving.

Recipes for vegan Junior Mints

There are several delicious recipes out there for vegan-friendly versions of Junior Mints. For example, you can try this recipe from Minimalist Baker that uses only four ingredients to make a tasty version of the classic treat. Another great recipe is this one from My Whole Food Life which uses five ingredients and is both vegan and gluten-free.

Alternatives to Junior Mints

There are several options available if you are looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to Junior Mints. For example, there are some vegan chocolates and candy bars (like Endangered Species Chocolate) that are made with plant-based ingredients and are dairy-free. For a homemade option, you can try making your own chocolate truffles or even vegan fudge.

Are there any vegan-friendly alternatives to Junior Mints?

are junior mints vegan

Yes, there are a few vegan-friendly alternatives to Junior Mints that you can try. One popular option is called Andes Mints. These treats are made of chocolate with a creamy peppermint center and are considered vegan-friendly because they contain no dairy products. Another option is called York Peppermint Patties. These patties are also made of chocolate with a creamy peppermint center and are also considered to be vegan-friendly due to their lack of dairy ingredients. Finally, another option is called Vegan Junior Mints. As the name suggests, these Junior Mints are completely vegan-friendly and do not contain any dairy or animal products.

Final Thoughts: Are Junior Mints vegan?

In conclusion, Junior Mints are not vegan, but there are several alternatives that are both delicious and plant-based friendly. Making your own vegan version of the treat at home is also an option, and there are several recipes available to try. For those looking for a vegan-friendly treat, these are great options to explore!


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