Why Am I Gaining Weight on a Plant Based Diet?

Why am i gaining weight on a plant based diet

If you’re wondering why am i gaining weight on a plant based diet, then this is for you. It might be due to one of these 5 mistakes why you still gain weight.

I’ve gone over plant-based diet in depth previously, but I wanted to make this clear for the last blog of this series: not all plant-based diets are vegan or vegetarian. When all food groups are balanced, including animal products in a plant-based meal may aid weight loss. Unfortunately, despite the fact that eating a plant-based diet helps reduce weight, gaining weight on one is more common than you would think.

If you’re considering a vegan or vegetarian diet to lose weight, great! However, be aware that there are some common mistakes people make that can actually lead to weight gain. If you want to avoid these pitfalls, read this post why am I gaining weight on a plant based diet.

Why Am I Gaining Weight on a Plant Based Diet: 5 Common Reasons

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Important Nutrients

You might put yourself at risk of nutritional shortages if you eliminate animal products without careful planning in your diet. Nutrients such as iron and B-12 are readily available in animal flesh, but their quantities can be insufficient in a vegan or vegetarian diet. Iron and B-12 deficiency can cause tiredness and low energy, which can contribute to less activity and a slower metabolism. This may make it more difficult for you to maintain your weight.

Why am i gaining weight on a plant based diet

2. You’re Focusing on More Calories

Although you can still live a meat-free life by consuming a bagel with soy Frappuccino in the morning, pizza with vegan cheese for lunch, and pasta with cheese-free pesto for dinner, this eating pattern will likely cause rapid weight gain unless you’re training for an Olympic race and getting fewer calories. You should pay attention on how many calories you should take.

Many people think that carbs are the enemy when it comes to weight gain, but this isn’t true. In fact, plant-based diets–whether they are vegan or include animal products–embrace whole-grain carbohydrates. Here’s a secret: vegetables and fruits are carbs too. However, even though most foods that fit into a vegan or vegetarian diet are carbs, your every meal shouldn’t be carb-dominant.

3. You’re a Junk Vegan or Vegetarian

Plant-based meats and sweets are popping up all over, from Impossible Burgers to vegan mayo to vegan doughnuts. However, this does not imply you can eat these foods whenever you want. Regardless of whether they are plant-based or not, non-meat eaters should enjoy treats and desserts in moderation, just like everyone else. Plant-based junk food is still junk food.

The problem with these foods is that they often contain added sugars, unhealthy processed foods and additives instead of essential vitamins and minerals and just end up weight on a vegan. If you make a habit of eating these types of food, it will take a toll on both your health and weight. My suggestion is to remember that “plant-based” means there should still be plenty of plants involved! Fruits and vegetables will always be a better choice than processed vegan substitutes, so include them in some home cooking. Get a good vegetarian cookbook or do some research to find creative ways to make homemade and healthful meatless recipes.

4. You Aren’t Controlling Your Portions

Many people believe that because vegan options such as bagels, starchy vegetables, seeds and nut butters are thought to be ” nutritious,” they can eat as much of them as they choose. This is far from the case, regardless of what you consume or don’t consume, you must always maintain control over how much of what you’re eating.

No matter where the calories come from, eating more than your body needs will always lead to weight gain. Plant fats like avocados, seeds, hummus, and nut butters are notorious for spiking up daily calorie intake. Yes, these meals are nutritious in moderation, but it’s vital to split them out so you don’t overindulge. In addition , drinking is meat-free as well.

5 You Aren’t Eating Enough Protein

Getting enough protein is one of the most difficult parts about a meat-free diet. Getting in a protein source that isn’t also calorie-dense is a bigger issue. Beans and peanut butter are two of the most frequent food sources I encounter among vegans. However, to eat the recommended 20 grams of protein per meal, you’d have to consume 300 calories worth of beans and 500 calories worth of peanut butter…and that doesn’t include whatever else you’re eating with them.

20 grams of protein from shrimp or chicken, on the other hand, contain only 100 and 150 calories each. But why is protein so important? Because meat-free diets may be very carb-focused if not prepared carefully, it’s vital that you understand what this means. While carbohydrates have their place, they don’t stay in the stomach for long, so after a substantial meal

For lasting fullness and to avoid overeating, protein is the way to go. I recommend including plant proteins in meals like tofu, beans or lentils where you can, but snacking on protein-dense foods like wheat crackers with peanut butter and a glass of soy milk or even supplementing your meals with a vegan protein shake on the side will give you additional benefits.

Final Thoughts On Why Am I Gaining Weight on a Plant Based Diet

If you decide to go vegan or vegetarian, it’s important to plan ahead of time to avoid gaining weight the same as eating whole foods. This helps you ensure that your meals contain the correct balance of macronutrients, that you’re getting all of the vitamins your body requires, and that you aren’t eating too much calorie-dense plant-based food and processed vegan foods.

Without the help of a professional, it can be very tough to stick to a plant-based diet and see results. To make sure you reach your weight loss goals, avoid these common mistakes people make when switching to this way of eating. For individualized attention and expert guidance on losing weight following a vegan diett, enroll in my weight loss program today!

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