Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts?

Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts

Not only are fresh bean sprouts healthy and satisfying, but they’re also versatile. They make a great low-calorie snack or addition to any dish. However, because of their short shelf life, it’s best to use them soon after you buy them for maximum freshness. But can you freeze bean sprouts for future use?

You can freeze bean sprouts for up to 12 months, but we recommend blanching them first. their fresh, crunchy texture and flavor is what makes them popular. If you don’t prepare them before freezing, they’ll be soggy and unappetizing. Continue reading to find out how to properly freeze your bean sprouts!

Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts

Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts?

You can extend the shelf-life of your bean sprouts by freezing them. You can also freeze canned bean sprouts. Bean sprouts freeze do well. All you need to do is blanch them beforehand.

Simply drop the bean sprouts into boiling water for a few minutes, take them out and plunge into cold water to stop the cooking process. After that, put them in a freezer bag, suck out as much air as you can and toss it in the freezer where they will last up to 10 months!

Why Freeze Bean Sprouts?

Not only are bean sprouts high in vitamin C, but they also help with digestion because of their high fiber content. They can be added to soups, stir-frys, salads, sandwiches or eaten on their own as a healthy and low calorie snack.

Although bean sprouts stored in the fridge usually only last 2-3 days, this may not be realistic for households that don’t go through them as quickly. Often times, these vegetables are sold in larger quantities than one family can eat in a week, so utilizing all of them can be difficult.

How To Freeze Bean Sprouts

One of the key things to know about freezing bean sprouts is that you have to maintain their crunchy texture. This is an important quality because it’s one of the main reasons why people use them in salads and other dishes. Bean sprouts are mostly water, so if they’re not prepared properly before being frozen, they will turn into mush when thawed.

The key is to blanch bean sprouts. Blanching involves submerging the sprouts into boiling water for a brief moment and then quickly transferring them into an ice bath to halt the cooking process.

To start preparing the sprouts for blanching, bring a pot of water to a boil. While the water’s heating up, wash the bean sprouts to get rid of any dirt or other contaminants. Once they’re totally clean, prepare a separate bowl of chilled water – adding some ice cubes is also helpful.

Drain the bean sprouts and dab with kitchen towels to remove as much water as possible.

Follow these simple steps to freeze your bean sprouts: pop them into a freezer bag, write the name and date on the outside, put the bag into the freezer. If you’re worried about them freezing in one big clump, only freeze them in portions so you can quickly defrost bean sprouts what you need later. You could also lay them out on a tray first before transferring to bags but that takes extra time.

Packaging the Sprouts for the Freezer

The final step is to freeze bean sprouts properly. Choose a freezer bag or an airtight, freezer-safe container before you start packing. Because they bruise so easily, it’s vital not to overfill your storage method and break the sprouts into tiny portions instead.

How Long Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts?

If store bean sprouts correctly, in a resealable bag, they should last up to 10 months frozen. This way, you can grab out a few for recipes as needed and store the rest for later.

Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts

How To Defrost Frozen Bean Sprouts

You don’t have to worry about defrosting your frozen bean sprouts before cooking with them! If you’re reluctant to freeze them because it seems like too much work, know that they’ll cook well even when frozen. Just grab the amount you need for your recipe and put them in the pan.

No matter what recipe you’re using, this method of boiling or frying should work well. However, if you want to defrost the bean sprouts before using them, grab the amount you need from the freezer and put them in a bowl in the fridge. They should be fully thawed out within a couple of hours.

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